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Why should you register and create an employee profile on Racing Jobs HQ?

If you are looking for work within the Thoroughbred Racing or Breeding industries or even if you are already employed in the industry and are seeking new opportunities, creating an employee profile on Racing Jobs HQ gives you an unprecedented opportunity to connect with thousands of employers by alerting you to any new job listing that fits within your specified criteria. That way all the job listings come directly to you via an email, rather than you having to search numerous websites and social media pages.

In addition to this, creating an employee profile on the site will assist potential employers in determining your suitability for any job you have applied for. You can apply directly via the site and a notification will appear to alert the employer that you have applied for their listed job.


How is Racing Jobs HQ different to other sites for Candidates?

Racing Jobs HQ will have far more jobs listed than any other site or social media community page. Unlike all the other websites and various pages, Racing Jobs HQ has dedicated staff responsible for scoping out all job vacancies in each State and Territory.

We will not only consolidate all the jobs you see advertised in numerous other places, but we will also have jobs listed that you won’t see anywhere else. This means that you no longer will have to jump from website to website to see what’s out there. It will all be here.


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