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Why should you advertise a job on Racing Jobs HQ?

We have accumulated thousands of subscribers comprising of well credentialed and experienced Thoroughbred Racing & Breeding industry professionals who are actively seeking new employment opportunities.

Your job ad will not only reach all of these subscribers directly via an email alert, but you will also be able to view employee profiles of anyone who has applied for your listed job directly via our website. You will also receive an immediate alert and an email whenever someone has applied for your listed job.


How is Racing Jobs HQ different to other sites for Employers?

Unlike other employment sites dedicated to the Thoroughbred industry, Racing Jobs HQ has adopted the same intuitive model as Australia’s largest and most popular employment website, SEEK, whereby all job seekers can create an employee profile page on our website. As an employer, you will have access to this profile page whenever someone applies for any job you have advertised on the site. This employee profile page will contain all of their crucial personal details as well as their CV.

Racing Jobs HQ is the only website that doesn’t rely on the job seeker to log on and find job listings themselves. As soon as it is posted, your job listing will be delivered to them as an email, meaning that a suitable candidate will never miss out on seeing your job listing.

Your job listing will also appear in our weekly Jobs Bulletin which again will be emailed to each and every one of our many thousands of subscribers.


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